Akabanga is Rwandan-made chili oil

Found on every table in Rwanda, it's now available for you in the US. Complimented by a slight smoke, Akabanga's kick is unlike any other hot sauce—the "little secret" from Rwanda.

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Meet Sina Gérard: father of Akabanga

In 1983, Sina Gérard opened a roadside food stall in the Rwandan village of Nyirangarama. To differentiate his offerings, Sina began serving his own special condiment: chili oil pressed from the ripe flesh of the yellow peppers grown by the farmers nearby.

Soon, customers began coming for the chili oil alone. Sina named it Akabanga—“little secret” in Kinyarwanda, one of Rwanda’s official languages. From a small food stall, now Akabanga can be found on practically every table in Rwanda.


“If you put it on your food, you will understand the secret.”

-Sina Gérard


“Sriracha isn’t the only hot sauce worthy of a cult.”

Erik Trinidad, The Cooking Channel


Cult-worthy flavor

The iconic Akabanga dropper helps you add a precise amount of spice to your meal. The dropper bottle also keeps the oil fresh longer by allowing less oxygen back into the bottle.


Now it’s your turn to try Akabanga:

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